Articles & Publications

  1. Irca Solza. Elusive Archives: How to Collect and Preserve Art in Contemporary Russia. Spectate, 2023
  2. Irca Solza (Kuznetsova I.P.) Post-Conceptual Art of the Glasgow Circle Artists // Bulletin of the KemGUKI, No. 63, June 2023. P. 199-208. Doi: 10.31773/2078-1768-2023-63-199-208
  3. Irca Solza, Siberian art during the war. Part 1. Rech#port, 2022
  4. Irca Solza, Siberian art during the war. Part 2. Rech#port, 2022
  5. #notowar. Rech#port, 2022
  6. Interview: Marina Israilova, Experience of the Siberian archive of contemporary art. Interview with Irca Solza, Krapiva
  7. Marina Israilova, Irca Solza, Angelina Burlyuk, Two (New) Siberian archives: history, positions, strategies, future. Krapiva
  8. Irca Solza, Everything dissolves (except responsibility). SYG.MA
  9. Irca Solza, "Visibility" of art as a curse.
  10. Irca Solza, My work is not involved. Rech#port
  11. Kuznetsova I.P. The Art of Glasgow Artists as a Dialogue with the History of Design // All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "DISK-2022": Collection of Materials Part 3. A.N. Kosygin", 2022. - P.141-146.
  12. Kuznetsova I.P. A work of art as a crystal: a Delesian approach to understanding contemporary art // Second Russian Aesthetic Congress: Abstracts of the participants' reports, Yekaterinburg, July 01–03, 2021 / Compilers and scientific editors T.A. Kruglova, A.E. Radeev. - Yekaterinburg: Humanitarian University, 2021. - P. 295-297.
  13. Kuznetsova I.P. The Art of Cathy Wilkes in the Light of the Aesthetics of G. Deleuze and F. Guattari // History. History and theory of arts: Proceedings of the 59th Intern. scientific stud. conf. April 12–23, 2021 / Novosib. state un-t. - Novosibirsk: CPI NSU, 2021. - P. 110-112.

In 2022 I gave a course of lectures "Introduction to the Philosophy of Art" (Novosibirsk State University, Faculty of Humanities, Novosibirsk, Russia).

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