Anonymous virtual space, an endless labyrinth with works by various authors, 2021-2022.

Pena is built as a virtual network of interconnected "bubbles" where you can embed your artwork or add panorama bubbles of real and unreal places. Artists in a common workspace create worlds in which art merges with its external environment, and anonymity allows you to try on various subjectivities, including multiple ones.

At the moment, more than 15 spaces are available in PENA, including graphic works, paintings, sculptures, texts, computer graphics, performances and installations by more than 20 artists from all over Russia.

The weak, anonymous and non-hierarchical interactions of artists within the PENA became a kind of experiment in building an inefficient, optional and atomized virtual community, where freedom and chance are the main value.

Project was presented at the festival 48 hours Novosibirsk 2021. Read more: Irca Solza, 48 hours in the city of fading flames. Rech#port. SYG.MA.
Project page at Siberian Archive of Contemporary Art

This project is built using Pannellum Panorama Viewer by Matthew Petroff.
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