Opened on June 13, 2017 on the balcony of the Inigo Cultural Center at the Catholic Cathedral in Novosibirsk, Russia. The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by poetry readings.

___sur_la_surface______ is a joint project with poet Dmitry Korolev and photographer Vyacheslav Kovalevich. On the surface of the balcony of the cultural center "Inigo" at the Catholic Cathedral of Novosibirsk, we showed a small - superficial - project about the collision of symbolic and contemporary art. One way or another, we played various illusions of depth, exploded it and covered it with cracks.

The entire exposition unfolded around the bishop's pyramid, on which we applied letters, turning it into a kind of Egyptian pyramid. An excerpt from Derrida's text "The Well and the Pyramid" tells about the Hegelian understanding of the sign as the tomb of the soul, and symbolic art as a way to transplant and preserve someone else's soul in the material body of the pyramid-crystal.
From the concept: "Deep" is valued more than "superficial". "Depth" hides truth and essence, on the surface — only indistinct ripples. At the same time, everything that we encounter throughout our lives is an endless catalog of surfaces. Surfaces on which paint is applied, surfaces of human bodies, the surface of the earth. When we descend under the water column, our eyes slide over the surface of the bottom and fish scales. What if "depth" is just a bizarre game of our minds, an illusion we have read into the surface? Is there any depth behind the surfaces and does it bring anything but silence and disappointment?
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