Catalogue of simple machines
A three-act catalogue of machines with poetic descriptions. Installations changing through time, interactive objects, texts.

The Catalogue of Simple Machines is a list of artistic strategies, in which each strategy is presented as a machine: an object that performs a minimal action, either on its own or through the viewer. These actions are extremely monotonous and mechanistic, and the materials from which these Frankenstein machines are assembled are extremely aromantic and ordinary: everyday food, cardboard, paper, text.

On a formal level, all the machines come together around the journey of the Great Martyr Irina, which we can trace from beginning to end in three "steps" according to the three-part division of the catalog. Machines are sometimes accompanied by textual poetic descriptions, which are also more "collected" than created from everyday life, quotes and various remnants.
Silence production machine
50x25x25. Cardboard, paper, printing.
The great martyrs were daughters
of rulers and other
persons overshadowed by power
high-ranking officials
and commanders
rich daddies
like Peskov's daughter, but with one nuance:
to avoid sexual violence,
so common in those patriarchal societies
they gave themselves to Christ
with all the guts
of their pampered bodies
with all your guts
filled with resin
severed legs
or, say, breasts and fingers.

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Catalogue of Simple Machines in PDF
The whole project was collected in the form of a paper catalog
Pour Earth into My Coffin
Irca Solza, Rech#port, SYG.MA
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