Red Milk
Video, 2011. 8:48

Cast: Vyacheslav Kovalevich, Yulia Isakova, Liza Roslyakova, Denis Efremov, Dmitry Korolev, Ulyana Kolevinskaya, theater studio Ta | storona, etc.
Camera: Irca Solza, Alexey Grishchenko
Direction, scenario: Irca Solza
Music: Antonio Salieri - Requiem, Jupiter's electromagnetic oscillations, the sea.
Initially, the video-tension [Red Milk] consisted of three interconnected parts, each 28 minutes long, which were played, simultaneously projected onto three walls in a secluded room, creating a space of tension, as part of the Experimental Poetry Festival EXPERIENCES, SCCA, Novosobirsk, May 2011.

Further, the video has undergone significant changes, from three parts it was reduced to two, lasting 8 minutes.
Some photos from the exhibition and the filming:
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