Everything dissolves in the air
Heavenly Supplement to the Catalog of Simple Machines. Virtual bubble, 2021. Project was presented at the festival 48 hours Novosibirsk 2021. Parachute (s) Tandem Project.

This work is an extension of the 2013-2019 large project “Catalogue of Simple Machines” which was published as a book, structured dramatically. In the "Catalogue ..." real and imaginary events took place in the journey of the lyric heroine Saint Irene. An important part of the "Catalogue ..." were poeticized text inserts, one of which is also quoted in "Everything dissolves in the air."

However, despite the change in imaginary spaces that was given to the reader through the text, the real space remained the same: an empty room in my workshop. In this celestial addition, I refer to the technique with which I started working in 2021, that allows visualizing fictitious, imaginary spaces in the form of 3D panoramas, mixing the real and the virtual.

This project is built using Pannellum Panorama Viewer by Matthew Petroff.
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