21 Roses
Installation, approximately 2m x 2m x 1.5m. 2022 Fabric, cardboard, liners, ink, varnish, black tulle, rubber roses, black lattice, bath rugs like a swamp, ripple camoflage, stick with translucent paper like a dragonfly wing, photo, iron rod, bamboo rods.
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21 roses on a man's body

a Scythian soldier — consoled his mother:

they are not human —

at the bottom of a silent country

his body blossoms

nipples bloom sisters

heaviness and ————————————————

what is the second word? —————————

it seems: only ripples



1. “21 roses on the body of a man” is the name of the torture, which I learned about from a recording of a conversation between a Russian soldier and his mother, intercepted by the Ukrainian Army Forces. The soldier told how he tortured a man, and described the details of the so-called 21 Roses torture.

2. The text "we love the flesh - and its taste, and color" on the part of installation with ripple print is a quote from Alexandr Blok's poem "Scythians". Shortly after the outbreak of the war, a pro-war propaganda video began circulating in which Dmitry Rogozin (a former head of Roscosmos known for his connections with Russian neo-Nazis) read this poem against the backdrop of Russian military equipment.

3. The black tulle and the frame with the face covered by the palms refer to the mourning actions of the Feminist Anti-War Resistance and my performance on May 9th, 2022 as a protest against russian invasion into Ukraine.

Siberian art during the war. Part 1
Irca Solza, Rech#port, SYG.MA
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